Advanced Education at Parel Vallei

Parel Vallei Advanced Education Trust

The Parel Vallei Advanced Education Trust was formally established in 2006 to support and provide advanced educational opportunities to pupils at Parel Vallei High School, as well as any deserving educational institution in the Helderberg Basin. The Trustees have a vision of enabling children to develop academically, beyond the confines of a National Curriculum.  The Parel Vallei Advanced Education Centre is based at Parel Vallei High School.  Cambridge International Examination courses, as well as IEB A-P Mathematics courses are offered.  Since its inception, this Trust as grown slowly but steadily and has served Parel Vallei extremely well.  Some of the projects and events which the Trust has undertaken can be found on Parel Vallei's web site Parel Vallei.

Since 2013, the Trust has been registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and any donations which are made into this trust are claimable from tax.  Readers are invited to support this trust and in this way, ensure that Parel Vallei High School will always be at the top (or near the top!) of the academic list.

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